About Us

Dating service platform

LoveDates underline the safety, authentic and credibleness to all the registrants using the site. LoveDate believes a good relationship must be created. We are not born to be a sensible, wise and perfect person, due to many society issues nowadays, people hard to trust, open their heart and accept there is a true love exists.

We create more opportunities for all elite single men and women who believe in true love and eager to find their loved one,this is the trusted dating site you can rely, we can help you to find your perfect match with our love and passion.

Philosophy of LoveDates

Life should be fill in love, passion, and fun. No one prefer to live lonely and stay old single because human be created to have their love partner, we should thoroughly believe that we got the ability to love and be loved. Find your loved one and enjoy this life with the one you love with. We only have this lifetime, meeting a right one, marry a right one, stay till old with a right one, it is a beautiful journey”